Hey. I’m Heidi. I run this site. I’m a mom of two and married to a very sexy man. We like to do nerdy things like play video games and watch Buffy the Vampire slayer together. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Theater. No, I will not sing a song for you. I specialized in makeup; special effects and prosthetics to be specific, and got pretty darn good at making acrylic teeth. You know, for vampires and zombies and such. Like most people with Theater degrees, my life now has nothing to do with either plays or film. However, I am a horrible over-analytical entertainment snob, so I guess I do use my degree pretty frequently.

I decided to write a book about moms–the real kind, not the kind we all secretly think we’re supposed to be–after some very rough experiences and a few nasty shocks in early motherhood. When I discovered what being a mom was really like, and realized that people mostly don’t want to talk about the tough side of things because they feel guilty and/or inadequate for feeling like it’s tough, I decided we needed to be more honest with each other, and started collecting stories.

The truth is, moms love their kids, but most of us don’t always like being moms. The truth is that moms get depressed sometimes. Like, really depressed. And it’s not their fault, and it doesn’t mean they’re a bad mom. Moms get cranky, sleepy, overworked, and bored. Moms can be messy. Moms NEED friends, fresh air, new experiences, intellectual stimulation, and AN IDENTITY OUTSIDE OF BEING A MOTHER. Just because being a mom is one of the most important things in our lives right now doesn’t mean it should be the only thing, or that we need to like doing it all the time. I’ve learned that sharing my own experiences, and encouraging others to do the same, is one of the best ways to help moms and their families be happier, healthier, and have more realistic expectations of what  “mom” should actually mean.

So. Here’s a nice informative website, and a blog, and a place to be honest and blow off steam and share your thoughts. Soon there will be a book. You should consider buying it! And now I have to go pick up my oldest from school.

You can read more about my story and how I got started here: http://wp.me/p2ky5T-4


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